Top 8 AI Article Rewriter Tools for Content Repurposing

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AI Article Rewriter Tools where content is king and competition for online visibility is fierce, businesses and content creators constantly seek innovative ways to stay ahead of the game. One effective strategy is content repurposing, which involves transforming existing content into fresh, engaging formats for various platforms and audiences.

However, manually rewriting articles can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, leading to the emergence of AI-powered tools designed to streamline this process. AI article rewriter tools leverage advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to automatically generate unique versions of existing articles, saving time and effort while maintaining the essence and coherence of the original content.

These AI-powered tools utilize sophisticated machine-learning models to analyze the structure, context, and meaning of the input text. By understanding the nuances of

What Is an AI Article Rewriter Tools?

An AI Article Rewriter Tools is a software tool that employs artificial intelligence technologies, specifically natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, to automatically rewrite or rephrase existing articles. These tools utilize machine learning models trained on vast amounts of textual data, enabling them to understand the context, semantics, and structure of the input text.

By leveraging this understanding, AI Article Rewriter Tools can generate alternative versions of the original content while maintaining its meaning and coherence. These tools offer a time-efficient and scalable solution for content repurposing, enabling businesses and content creators to produce fresh, unique articles without the need for manual rewriting.

Why Use an AI Article Rewriter Tools for Content Repurposing?

Using an AI article rewriter tools for content repurposing offers several advantages. Firstly, it significantly speeds up the process of generating fresh content. Manually rewriting articles can be a time-consuming task, especially when dealing with a large volume of content.

AI-powered tools, on the other hand, can quickly analyze and rephrase the text, providing multiple unique versions in a fraction of the time. Secondly, these tools ensure consistency and coherence in the generated content. They are designed to maintain the original meaning and context while rephrasing the text, ensuring that the rewritten articles remain coherent and readable. Additionally, Article Rewriter Tools can help optimize content for different platforms and target audiences.

By adapting the language, tone, and style of the original content, these tools enable content creators to effectively repurpose their articles for various channels, such as websites, social media, or newsletters.

Overall, utilizing AI article rewriter tools for content repurposing saves time, enhances consistency, and improves the efficiency of content creation processes.

8 AI Article Rewriter Tools

1. Jasper

Jasper is a highly respected AI article rewriter tools that has gained recognition for its ability to generate AI-generated content, including article rewriting. One of its standout features is the capability to train it in your own voice, ensuring consistency with your existing content when repurposing articles. Additionally, Jasper offers a convenient Chrome extension that allows easy access to the software while browsing other websites.

Performance Evaluation

Initially designed for content creation from scratch, Jasper does provide a Content Rewriter option (currently in beta) upon further exploration. This feature enables users to enter up to 2500 words for rewriting, although it may not be suitable for entire blog posts or articles.

Users are prompted to set their rewriting goal, such as creating unique content while reducing the size by approximately half. By selecting the “Similar to the original” tone of voice, Jasper generates multiple rewritten options within seconds. The resulting content reads smoothly, exhibits excellent quality, and presents enough divergence from the original to qualify as separate and unique content on search engine result pages (SERPs).

However, it should be noted that Jasper’s current functionality does not facilitate the repurposing of entire blog posts or articles seamlessly, requiring manual copying and pasting between the tool and the original content.


  • Jasper offers a 7-day free trial, requiring a credit card for registration.
  • Subscription plans start at $49 per month, or users can opt for an annual subscription at $468 per year.

2. ChatGPT Plus

In November 2022, ChatGPT was launched and achieved a remarkable milestone of 100 million active monthly users within a short period of time. This software has witnessed the fastest adoption rate ever recorded. While ChatGPT can be utilized without cost, opting for ChatGPT Plus grants access to the advanced AI model, GPT-4, which excels in tasks like article rewriting. For the purpose of this review, I utilized GPT-4 Update Article Rewriter Tools. If you intend to use it as an AI article rewriter, it is important to provide multiple prompts to achieve the desired outcome.

Performance Evaluation

The primary challenge with employing ChatGPT as an Article Rewriter Tools lies in the necessity of inputting several prompts due to prompt length restrictions. Consequently, it becomes necessary to select a few paragraphs at a time and include a basic prompt, such as “Rewrite the following to reduce its length by approximately 50%,” depending on your objectives.

The results obtained from ChatGPT’s output were exceptional, clearly demonstrating the AI’s comprehension of the supplied paragraphs. Only minor adjustments were required to render the content suitable for publication.

Overall, ChatGPT Article Rewriter Tools significantly reduces the time required for manual rewriting, while maintaining a high level of output quality. However, it should be noted that the process of inputting a few paragraphs at a time can be more cumbersome compared to other tools, making it less practical for long-term usage.


  • ChatGPT is available for free.
  • ChatGPT Plus subscription is priced at $20 per month.

3. QuillBot


QuillBot Best Ai Article Rewriter Tools is a tool that claims to be a helpful “paraphrasing tool.” Essentially, it works by replacing words with synonyms and rewording sentences.

However, its premium options offer additional creative features, the ability to shorten text (which can be useful for repurposing), and other functionalities. QuillBot also offers convenient plugins for Chrome and Microsoft Word, making it easily accessible to users.

Performance Evaluation

QuillBot provides two tools for article rewriting: a Paraphraser and a Summarizer.

Starting with the Paraphraser tool, the results were reasonably good and differed from the original text. However, there were some parts that required adjustments, as they seemed awkward or used inappropriate phrasing or synonyms. For instance, it changed “in this guide” to “in this book.” Overall, the tool was quite effective, and using one of their premium options could potentially further enhance the results.

To test the Summarizer tool, the Summary length was set to Long to achieve a slightly shorter result without being overly brief.

The outcome, which was about one-third shorter than the original text, began well but became almost identical to the original in the latter half. Consequently, it is less suitable for generating unique content suitable for publishing elsewhere.

Overall, the Paraphrase tool is the recommended choice, providing reasonable output. While it may not be extraordinary, it can still save a considerable amount of time when repurposing an article.


  • QuillBot offers a couple of free modes with certain limitations, as well as five paid premium modes that unlock more advanced features.
  • The free level of QuillBot does not require registration and allows you to rewrite content using one of their two free paraphrasing modes.
  • By registering, you gain access to the same functionality but with a proper software interface.
  • The paid premium version costs $19.95 per month or $99.95 per year, granting you access to other writing modes, unlimited words, a plagiarism checker, and more.

4. WordAi


WordAI Best Article Rewriter Tools is an incredible tool that uses advanced AI technology to Article Rewriter Tools and other content in a way that is indistinguishable from human writing. Instead of simply replacing words with synonyms, WordAI actually understands the meaning of sentences, allowing it to restructure them while preserving the original message and ensuring a natural flow.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for the 3-day free trial and click on the “Take Me to Rewrite Articles” button. It’s easy to get started!
  2. The rewriting interface has a text editor on both the left and right sides. Simply enter your text on the left. You can choose the number of rewrites you want from a dropdown menu and adjust the rewriting style from the default “Regular” setting to either “More Conservative” or “More Adventurous” using a scale.
  3. In my test, I kept the setting at “Regular” and opted for a single rewrite.
  4. The output was of very high quality, with the software indicating an 87% uniqueness level. However, upon reading it, I noticed that there were still too many similarities to the original text. This would make me hesitant to use it for additional search engine listings.
  5. To try a different approach, I switched to the “More Adventurous” option and gave it another shot. This time, the uniqueness level increased to 96%, and the output remained of excellent quality.
  6. Visually, there were still some similarities, but these can be addressed by making a few adjustments:
  7. Fine-tuning the output by making small changes here and there.
    Manually rearranging paragraphs and sections, especially in listicles or bullet points where the order can be easily modified.
    WordAI even provides a helpful feature: a button that highlights phrases that are identical to the original, making it easier to make necessary adjustments.
  8. After testing a few initial paragraphs, I pasted an entire blog post into the tool for rewriting. As expected, it took longer to process, but it still finished the task in around 20 seconds, effortlessly meeting the challenge.
  9. The output once again exhibited high quality, but it required some polishing and rearranging of content to ensure a fully unique end result.
  10. Overall, my experience with WordAI was extremely positive. It provided me with well-written, rewritten content that, with a few manual changes, I would confidently publish elsewhere to achieve better search engine rankings.


  • WordAI offers a 3-day free trial to get started.
  • After the trial, the pricing is $57 per month, or you can choose an annual subscription for $324.

5. Pre Post SEO

Pre Post SEO

Pre-Post SEO Article Rewriter Tools offers an AI article rewriter tool that can efficiently rewrite your text using various techniques, including replacing synonyms, restructuring sentences, and paraphrasing. It’s user-friendly and requires you to paste your text, choose a desired style, and click the “Rewrite Article” button. The Article Rewriter Tools is free to use, but there are also premium modes available for a fee.

Performance Evaluation

Simple Option: To Article Rewriter Tools, simply paste it into the software on the left side and wait for the rewritten version to appear on the right. However, the result of using the Simple option is not significantly different from the original article. It mainly replaces a few words with synonyms and makes minor changes in phrasing. However, this may not be sufficient for creating unique content that stands out in search engine results.

  • Advanced Option: When using the Advanced option, the result is quite similar to the Simple option. Some changes are made, such as replacing “we’ve seen” with “we have seen,” and there may be occasional typos or word spacing issues in the output.
  • Paraphrasing Tool: I also tested their paraphrasing tool, but the outcome was similar to the previous options.
  • Although their Fluency or Creative paid options might yield better results, our initial test did not provide much confidence or reason to invest in them.


  • You can use a limited version of the tool for free without registering, but you need to clear a reCAPTCHA box each time you use it.
  • Paid options start at $10 per month or $50 for an annual subscription.



AISEO Article Rewriter Tools is a new tool that offers various features for rewriting articles and other content. It’s easy to use and allows you to import content by pasting the URL of a post. You can choose different writing goals, such as shortening content for repurposing blog posts on different platforms. Additionally, it offers a Chrome extension.

Performance Evaluation

Using AISEO to rewrite content is a straightforward process. Simply paste the content you want to rewrite on the left, and the rewritten version will appear on the right within seconds.

The quality of the output is generally good. It reworks each paragraph, occasionally adjusting the number of sentences and using suitable synonyms. There may be some awkward phrasing that requires tweaking, but overall, it provides positive results. The output also provides a uniqueness rating, which was 85% in our test.

We used the free account for testing, which has a word limit of 125. It would be interesting to try their text-shortening capability, which is available for paid users.


  • AISEO offers free accounts with a 125-word limitation.
  • Paid plans start at $19 per month, or you can opt for an annual plan starting at $180.

7. SpinnerChief


The tool called SpinnerChief, despite its unfortunate name that may discourage serious business users due to associations with blackhat SEO practices, actually offers several features that are comparable to other similar tools we are reviewing. It also seems to have some integration with ChatGPT, providing a capability for rewriting text. There are two versions available: a web-based version and a downloadable desktop version.

Performance Evaluation

Article Rewriter Tools Performance-wise, the article rewriter tool operates on a sentence-by-sentence basis. It rearranges clauses within sentences and replaces some content with synonyms and alternative phrases to make the text appear unique. However, it doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the new sentences it generates, leading to some problematic output.

During testing, for instance, when using a previous blog post about Reddit, one of the newly created sentences claimed that Reddit’s user base consisted of its subreddits, which didn’t make sense.

It’s possible that the ChatGPT rewrite functionality could help address some of these issues, but it couldn’t be tested with the free version of the software.


  • You can use SpinnerChief for free for up to 20 ‘spins’ per day and up to 10 paragraphs at a time. The pricing structure heavily favors incentivizing users to purchase either yearly or, preferably, lifetime access.
  • Lifetime access starts at just $122, whereas monthly pricing starts at $22/month. This discrepancy may indicate a challenge in retaining customers on recurring plans.

8. Popular Ai Article Rewriter Tools is an advanced content writing tool that uses AI to assist with tasks like creating blog posts, sales copy, and social media content. Although its editor can help with rewriting paragraphs and refining sentences, it may not be the best choice for completely transforming articles into new pieces for repurposing content. However, let’s examine its performance to get a better understanding.

Performance Evaluation offers various rewriting tools, including the ability to rewrite content using keywords, alter the tone of a writing piece, and rephrase sentences.

However, none of these tools seemed suitable for the task of rewriting longer articles. Rewriting sentence by sentence would be impractical, and changing the tone alone would not meet the requirements.

Furthermore, the tool presents multiple options for a given sentence or paragraph, which you can then copy and paste into their editor.

Therefore, while it excels at improving copy and aiding in idea generation, it is not particularly suited as an AI Article Rewriter Tools for repurposing content.


  • The free plan allows you to work with 2,000 words per month.
  • Pricing begins at $49 per month or $432 for a yearly plan.


In conclusion, when it comes to AI article rewriter tools for content repurposing, it’s important to choose wisely. While tools like offer various rewriting features and can be helpful for improving copy and generating ideas, they may not be the ideal solution for completely transforming articles into new pieces.

When attempting to repurpose content, these tools may lack the ability to effectively rewrite longer articles or provide the desired outcome by simply changing the tone. Article Rewriter Tools It can be impractical to rewrite sentence by sentence, and the options provided for each sentence or paragraph may not fully meet the requirements.

Therefore, if your goal is to repurpose content, it is crucial to consider the limitations of these AI Article Rewriter Tools. While they can be valuable for other writing tasks, finding alternative methods or tools specifically designed for content repurposing may be more suitable.

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